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KONKATSU ?: Third time’s a charm (English Edition)

KONKATSU ?: Third time’s a charm (English Edition)





KONKATSU ?: Third time’s a charm (English Edition)

KONKATSU ?: Third time’s a charm (English Edition)










Contents of the books KONKATSU


This book " Konkatsu1 to get your partner for online dating” Thank you for reading.
Konkatsu -Kon(婚) came from Kekkon(結婚) and the meaning is marriage in Japan.
Katsu(活)came from Katsudo(活動)and the meaning is activity.
So, to say about Konkatsu more directly, marriage parntner hunting activity.
This book is mainly based on my true stories; Chika who was born in Tokyo, raised in Tokyo, and living in Tokyo, marriage at the age of 25, the following year I divorced for the first time. Later at the age 29, and the at the age of 40 with two children I struggled for the third marriage. From what I learned and improved myself while I was struggling for the remarriages, I gathered up a few pointers that should be recommended to know for those who is thinking about starting Konkatsu, those who faces the difficulty of it. This also includes the contents of Konkatsu seminars and actual advices for friends who are now active in Konkatsu.

Vol.1 Contents
In the beginning4
1.Success Factors in Reviewing Marriage with Difficulties6
2.If someone breaks your heart, go next! Next! * Limitless encounters.9
Column 1: Konkatsu Outfits, Date Plans12
3.Clarify your vision before searching for hot guys15
Column 2: The method of strength diagnosis and compatibility diagnosis is also used as a shortcut to know each other.18
4.Do it, right now! Set the deadline20
Column 3: In Konkatsu, be aware of the age group you are in!29
1.Think about why you want a partner31
2.Clarify your desired values like real estate32
1.Self-check for Marriage Vitality35
Column 4: In my husband’s case39
2.How to increase the number of encounters that lead to marriage41
1.Be part of the community41
2.Use SNS (social networking service)43
3.Go to the meeting place.44
4.Reunite with a friend46
5.Use matching applications49
3.How to use the matching application53
7.The reason for getting a lot of “likes”60
8.Response from you62
9.A person whom you continue or fail to continue to exchange messages with63
10.Check items and preliminary check of the other person's profile64
11.Contents of the message68
12.Let's meet.69
13.After meeting73
14.There are many people like this in the application.76
15.block delete criteria77
16.How to use the app ~ It is important to withdraw early and greet ~79
17.Persons requiring caution ~ Psychopath, Married, Malicious, DV, Drinking, etc. ~80
18.Checkpoint: To meet people who want to marry or who are suitable for marriage83
19.Next Date84
20.Criteria for meeting again and again85
One volume: Recommendations "The Bible for Winning Marriage"89


Vo.2 Contents
Column 5: ~ Q & A about using apps ~
3.To date, or not to date with that man
21.Dating is getting to know him more
22.Honesty is important. Open your mind little by little.
23.Is it true that physical relationships are also important?
24.EQ over IQ. It's about honesty to see if there's a cunning lie.
25.If you feel uncomfortable, look for the next man in parallel.
Column 6: Fatigue from Marriage
26.”Three averages” is better than “Three highs”
27.Meet him a week, possibly more
28.Go on a short trip together.
29.Set a clear deadline for your marriage
30.Konkatsu tips for single mothers and people with children
4.Discuss money, views on marriage and children
32.views on marriage
33.Views on children
Column 7: What You Need to Know If You Want to Have a Child After Marriage
34.Relationship to Parents
35.Prefectural character
36.Check his ability to do housework
37.Discuss how to share housework
38.Try living together for half a year or on the weekend.
39. Discuss where to live
40.Give up in case of disagreement
5.Until I make him decide to tie the knot
41.Set the clear deadline
42.A bet to look elsewhere
43.In order to receive a proposal
44.Make more than one appointment for a date with him
45.Tell him that it is fun to be together
47.Time to get married
49.Decide when to move/Start a new life
50.There are a lot of fights, but we still pick them up, don't forget femininity and masculinity.
Volume 2: References, Appendices, Recommended Books and Links